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CKM Gordion

CKM Gordion is a consulting company working for medium-sized and large firms and investors as well as institutions, non-governmental and governmental organisations. We advise on varied fields of activity of companies and organisations. Therefore our methods and scope of action are adjusted to the individual demands of our clients, to help efficiently and in a focussed manner.

Strategic consultancy

CKM Gordion supports companies and organisations by specifying the current and desirable market position.
Strategic consultancy >

Organizational consultancy

CKM Gordion is able to make an analysis in any area of its client's activities.
Organizational consultancy >

Core business support

Our team combines all necessary skills for core business support, therefore making Gordion Consulting an excellent partner for companies and investors interested in strengthening their core business.
Core business support >

Restructuring Project

Our staff form a competent team of advisors and analysts with many years of experience in accomplishing restructuring and modernisation plans.
Restructuring Project >

Investment consultancy

CKM Gordion guarantees a professional service to companies and investors in the field of investment consultancy, focusing on the decrease in risk and the increase of the profitability of an investment.
Investment consultancy >

Project management

We support our clients by specific knowledge in designing and optimising the project management of companies, investors or organisations.
Project management >

Consultancy on renewable energy

CKM Gordion actively cooperates with the energy sector, for example in the accomplishment of projects that include biomass market analyses.
Consultancy on renewable energy >

Consultancy for public institutions

CKM Gordion analyses for local authorities, government departments and public utilities the possibilities of sustainable development and the necessary business conditions. We determine the actual necessities and requirements and realistic possibilities for our clients.
Consultancy for public institutions >

Energy sector consultancy

CKM Gordion advises the energy sector on the effective optimisation of the energy production process and of the general purchase and on the reduction of internal and external costs.
Energy sector consultancy >

Organization of seminars and symposia

For our clients we arrange and hold seminars, workshops and symposia on selected issues. These events are organised and led by experienced and skilled specialists.
Organization of seminars and symposia >